Simple Tips for Cleaning and Washing Cold Press Juicer

If you enjoy juices and keep your family’s health on top of your priority list, your kitchen is incomplete without a good cold press juicer. The quickest and easiest way to make sure each member of your family gets their appropriate share of vitamins and minerals is to treat them with fresh, homemade juices every day. With a cold press juicer, the extracted juice will stay fresh for up to 72 hours so you can even store the juice and use it for multiple days so you won’t have to waste time and energy every day.  The major issue with any kitchen appliance is its cleaning. If you stop to think about it, you will find that the appliances in your kitchen that are harder to clean, would be hidden away in some closet and will only occasionally find their way on the kitchen counter when it is absolutely necessary. It’s a good thing that the good manufacturers understand this point and try to make the appliance as simple to clean as possible. Since cold press juicers are a very recent addition to the juicing family, there modern design is also kept simple to use and clean.

No matter how simple it may be to clean your cold press juicer, it will help to read the instruction manual first which is included in the packing and also follow the points mentioned below regarding the care and cleaning of your cold press juicer.

Equipment that you will need for cleaning the cold press juicer:

  1. A non abrasive sponge which does not leave marks on the plastic components of the cold press juicer.
  2. A small nylon brush for cleaning the filter. A clean toothbrush will also do the job just fine.
  3. A mild dish soap
  4. Lots of clean water.

Steps to clean the cold press juicer:

  1. Unplug the cold press juicer and separate all the detachable components.
  2. Remove and discard all the pulp from the pulp container. If you want to save some time in cleaning this container, you attach a plastic bag on its rim so that all the waste collects in it.
  3. Fill your kitchen sink with water and add some dish soap to it. Now add all the detachable parts that need to be cleaned inside the sink.
  4. Use the nylon brush or toothbrush to clean the filter properly and all the corners and crevices of the cold press juicer where the food might get stuck.
  5. Now thoroughly rinse every part with clean water and set them out to dry.
  6. Once everything is dry, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe all the parts to remove any remaining moisture from them before storing them.
  7. Remember to put all the pieces together before you store them. For further tips, follow

A clean cold press juicer is absolutely necessary for producing a healthy homemade drink which is free from all kinds of bacteria and that will last longer than that made with a dirty blender. Now all you have to do is gather the equipment and start cleaning,

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