Different Kinds of Food Processors

Once you have decided upon buying a food processor, the next big question is which type suits you best. When you go shopping for food processors, you will find endless varieties from simple ones that are only good for chopping to more complex varieties which come with a range of different functions and are available in a range of different sizes.

1.      Hand operated

These are simple machines which do not run on electricity and instead use a little manual effort to chop, mix or dice small quantities of ingredients. These models are simple to clean and store because of their compact size.

2.      Commercial Food Processors

These are strong food processors built to process large quantities of food in little time to cater the requirements of a commercial kitchen.

3.      Mini food processors

These are small sized food processors that run on electricity and offer lesser functionalities and a smaller processing size as compared to a full-sized food processor. It’s great for making small amounts of dips or sauces or processing food for a smaller family.

4.      Full-sized food processors

These are the most popular varieties of food processors which come with a range of functionalities to make food preparation easier for the user. A variety of attachments to cover each of the functionalities are available sometimes including a dough blade for kneading dough.


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